Chopper Coffee Co. arguably started in the late 90's when I fell in love with coffee.  As a youngster, my pops moved us from corn town Illinois to the suburbia of Southern California.  My new high school was more than double the population of the town we came from and my new classmates thought I looked and talked pretty funny. So, instead of trying to fit in, I went to work. 


My first job in CA was behind a coffee bar, before Starbucks and words like mocha and latte were common nomenclature. I was 15, hustling coffee next to a shoe shine stand where my best biker buddy shined every weekend.  I learned VERY quickly that there was an artistry involved in roasting, brewing, mixing and enhancing this beloved beverage.  In my mind, if I wasn't tasting the shit I was making, I would never come close to perfecting the craft.  So, at the owner's behest, I was aggressively experimenting with the seemingly unlimited varieties of flavors, undertones and concoctions out of one very simple idea.


At the end of the day, I love diner coffee.  Black.  Bold.  Bitter.  But, just as we all have different tastes and moods, sometimes there's a luxury in having options.  So, I want to offer coffees that are authentic, fresh and tried and true.  And I want it to be made to order.  I hope you enjoy and appreciate a coffee that is roasted by a human, by someone who does what you do, made specifically for you, just how you like it at any given time.

My pops chopped all over the Midwest from the late 60's until the mid 80's.  He instilled that good ol’ Midwestern work ethic; I worked in cornfields to pay for my first dirt bike by the time I was 11.  I know I don’t need to explain, y'all know how deeply rooted the love for bikes is.  Y'all drink coffee everyday.  Take some of this coffee with you on your next camping trip.  Grind your favorite beans while you're wrenching on your troublehead in the middle of the night.  Keep some beans in your bagger to share with your brothers at a pit stop.  We probably have a lot in common, if you're here.  I love this kind of coffee and I'm bettin' you will, too.

If you've got any questions or collaborative ideas, feel free to shoot me an email at anytime.